The REAL Reason Your Bra Doesn't Quite Fit

Finding a bra that truly fits is, for many women, the modern-day equivalent of Sisyphus pushing a rock up an endless mountain: It just seems impossible. A helpful editor at Glamour bravely tackled the issue, consulting an expert who revealed that in reality there's not just one breast shape—there are seven.

Most bras aren't explicitly made to fit different breast shapes, which is why things like spillover, quatro-boob, and wire gap occur. To find the right bra for your individual breast shape, consult Glamour's handy guide, which provides the best bra silhouettes, whether you have full breasts, bell-shaped ones, and so on. We've highlighted three of the seven breast types below!


The type: East West

What it is: Your ladies gravitate toward the outside of your torso, pointing outward and leaving some space in the direct center of your chest.

What type of bra is best: A T-shirt bra that will give you all the shaping you need.


The type: Separated Sisters

What it is: Breasts are fuller than East West but still fall out toward the sides of the body.

What type of bra is best: A plunge style, which will help pull the breasts up and together.


The type: Bell of the Ball

What it is: Breasts are slightly thinner at the top before rounding out to a curve.

What type of bra is best: A full-coverage style perfectly shapes your ladies. Since many women with this breast type are also bustier, extra support can be good for lifting and cradling.

Head to Glamour to see the rest of the breast types, and keep scrolling to shop our favourite bras right now!

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