I Did a Ruthless Closet Clean-Out and Only Bought 3 New Pieces

I think one of my biggest flaws is that my closet can be a bit of a wreck 80% of the time. I swear I'm not a messy person, but when it comes to clothes, it takes some time for me to get things together. Now that we're approaching a new season, I finally scheduled some time for a clean-out and can finally see the floors of my closet again. I said goodbye to a number of pieces that just weren't serving me. Let's face it. If I haven't worn it in the past few years, I'm probably not going to take a look at it tomorrow. 

To congratulate myself on the clean-out, I allowed myself to purchase only three pieces from our latest drop of Who What Wear Collection. It was tough narrowing down my options to only three because of how much the collection meshes with my style, but don't worry—I kept my control. After spending a few hours in my closet, I took note of what I was relying on often and thought consciously about the new additions to my wardrobe. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't share my finds, so you can keep scrolling to find out.



I love incorporating fun pieces into my wardrobe, but when I was taking a look at my closet, I realized I buy things that catch my eye and "wow" me but never think about how they can actually be wearable. This sweater has the fun touches that I love but is also versatile and easy to pair with other things in my closet.

As I start to head into the office more often, I am realizing I need to step it up in the workwear department. This blazer has a built-in vest, so it takes the extra thinking out of layering, and it's just overall a polished piece.

What's another great workwear addition? A pair of relaxed trousers. Not only can I wear these with the coordinating blazer above, but I can also pair them with a second-skin top and be on my way to brunch.

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Spoiler alert: This is one of the items I kept in my closet while spring-cleaning.

Loungewear you can wear out is the best kind of loungewear.

This would be the ultimate comfy and elevated airport top.

Add the matching top from above and your favorite jacket and you're good to go.

I don't always opt for printed dresses, but this one has my heart.

The texture on this takes this basic to another level.