Whitney Houston's '90s Style Is Undeniably Iconic


Getty Images

Listen to one rendition of "I Will Always Love You," and it's immediately obvious why Whitney Houston is one of the most decorated musicians of all time. Though she passed away in 2012, the singer's range and energy reverberate even now. The newly released documentary Whitney looks back on Houston's decade-spanning career. 

But in addition to Houston's undeniable talent, the film also serves as a reminder of her iconic style. On stage (and on the red carpet), Houston gravitated toward sparkle and high-shine everything (it was the '80s and '90s after all). Her street style meanwhile was a cool example of exactly how trendsetters wore the styles we're dipping back into now. Below, you'll find seven iconic outfits—both fancy and casual—that illustrate the fact that Whitney Houston was not only an iconic singer but a fashion icon too. 

Truly an icon.