Honestly, I Buy All My Under-$20 Lingerie Here

I understand the luxury of treating yourself to expensive lingerie, but to be truly transparent, it's rare that I spend over $20 on underwear. Mostly because of the fact that there are actually plenty of brands making cute (and comfortable) bras and underwear at refreshingly affordable prices. My personal favorite is Aerie, where I've been buying underwear literally since high school and continue to almost a decade later. I find its underwear to be so comfortable that I often just forget about them all together. As it turns out, cheap lingerie doesn't have to look or feel cheap—in fact, it can be quite luxurious.

To prove it, I've rounded up the affordable underwear brands I love, starting with Aerie but also including a few other $20-and-under favorites. With options that range from comfortable cotton briefs (because we all need to prioritize comfort every once in a while) to romantic, lacy styles, you'll find a little something intimate to add to your underwear drawer. Read on to shop them all now.

Now you're all set to refresh your underwear wardrobe.