4 Tips a Life Coach Gave Me About My Style Insecurities

As an adult, we're supposed to give up our security blankets (full disclosure, I still have a stuffed animal sitting on my bed). But at a time when I feel my most insecure, I find that I still look outwardly for security, mostly in the form of what I choose to wear. Why is it that my clothing can have such an outward effect on my mood or my confidence? I wanted to talk to an expert, so I reached out to Pricilla Martinez, a life coach with Blush, to get her take on the relationship between our emotions and what we wear. 

I emailed Martinez, "I find that I often pore over my closet but struggle to put things together in new ways. In the end, I tend to fall back on a simple formula: jeans, cute but comfortable shoes, and a more standout sweater or top," and asked her a question I'd been mulling over for a while: Why do I always revert to a uniform? "When we feel insecure, we cling to the things that have proven to be comfortable or effective. Sticking to what you know can give you a sense of confidence over familiar terrain," she noted, adding, "it's not a problem until you're bored with it."