I Asked My Fashion Friends What They're Wearing With Jeans—Their Answers Are A+

If we all rattled off some of the key staples in our wardrobes, jeans would undoubtedly rank high on many of our lists. Rightfully so. That perfect cut is inherently effortless and classic and can be paired with pretty much any separate out there. On that note, I thought I’d spend a little time in my DMs to ask some of my favorite fashion follows about the specific pieces they’re currently teaming with their go-to jeans—you know, to inspire your fall wardrobe selection if that’s of interest.

The answers I got back were quite legit. While they run the gamut, the items in question do share similarities in that they’re all incredibly versatile and simple to wear. Intrigued? Excellent. Keep scrolling to uncover the six fall items fashion girls are wearing with jeans. I’m talking everything from a trendy sweater silhouette to a sleek outerwear pick. You’ll find a smattering of visual and shopping inspiration if something specific catches your eye. I also mixed in a few of my favorite jeans in case your denim offering could use a refresh as well.

1. Chunky Cardigan

"During fall, what I want is to be cozy and warm. I love an effortless style—a pair of jeans and a statement piece like a chunky cardi. I have one in almost every color. Balloon sleeves are a plus!" — Emmanuelle Koffi, @emmanuellek_

2. Modern Blazer

The best items to wear with jeans: blazer



“I live for a blazer and jeans combo. It's definitely my go-to look for the season." — Elaine Davis, @squarepearls

3. Cashmere Sweater

The best items to wear with jeans: oversize sweater



"Yes, fall is here, and right now, I am pairing my jeans with fine cashmere knits. This elevates the look—chic, cozy, and practical for everyday life!" — Grece Ghanem, @greceghanem

4. Cropped Jacket

The best items to wear with jeans: cropped jackets



"When it comes to jeans, I'm fully in a '70s state of mind. For me, cropped jackets, like this vinyl one with a shearling cuff and collar detail, are perfect for layering up and pairing with your favorite pair of denim! I break out this jacket every fall when it starts to get cooler, and I've paired it with wide-leg jeans and platform boots." — Nicole Ocran, @nicoleocran

5. Shacket

The best items to wear with jeans: shacket



"I usually rotate with the same kinds of basics during autumn, like blazer, trench, or sweater. But for this season, Iʼll be wearing a lot of shackets with my everyday jeans. I love this trend because itʼs the perfect outerwear for the transitional weather. Itʼs not too light and not too hot, and you can easily add a sweater underneath. Iʼm all about the boxy, oversize looks—even with heels." — Aïda Sané, @basicstouch

6. Leather Top

"The moment fall rolls around, I instantly start mixing more leather pieces into my wardrobe. Right now, I've been very into leather tops since they're such a great transitional piece. Here, I'm wearing a puff-sleeve version with my favorite denim silhouette: trouser-style jeans. As we move further into fall, I would add a leather trench for a double-leather look." — Kristen Nichols, @kristenmarienichols