13 Things We Wear With Ankle Boots to Look More Stylish

what to wear with ankle boots from fashion editors



It's the end of February and, let me guess, your trusted ankle boots have gotten so much airtime in your winter outfits that you're about ready to just screw it and start wearing sandals despite the persistent cold. I feel you. But before you completely zero out on outfit inspiration with the boots, take a deep breath because we're about to inject a whole lot of newness to the one outfit we know you've been repeating the most lately.

We too wear ankle boots nearly every day, so we got together and compiled our very best styling ideas that make them look brand-new. Since they're such a staple in all our editors' closets, it's only natural that each of us wears them in totally different ways. From Kat's cool print mixing to Erin's amazing statement coat, every Who What Wear editor is sharing the go-to pieces we wear to elevate the look of our ankle boot outfits from something average to brilliant in under 60 seconds.

Ready to up your outfit game with the shoes? Good, then keep reading to see what to wear with ankle boots according to us and shop the pieces we love.

what to wear with ankle boots from editors



"To make my ankle boots look especially stylish I love to mix prints in the rest of my outfit. Here, I'm wearing a wood-print turtleneck from H&M and my trusty pin-stripe Acne pants. Add fun vintage accessories like my hat if you're feeling a little extra." — Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

"For me it's all about the outerwear and accessories. A cool coat will make anything plain look special. I also love to add on a few accessories (e.g., a logo belt) that will complement the ankle boots." — Allyson Payer, Editor

"I've had these black patent ankle boots from the Who What Wear Collection for over a year. Lately, I've been wearing them with wide-leg J Brand jeans and statement coats or jackets, like this one from Silvia Tcherassi." — Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor

"Simple straight-leg jeans and a fitted black turtleneck (a la Steve Jobs) are my go-to pieces to wear with plain black ankle boots. It's an outfit formula that never fails." — Judith Jones, Market Editor

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"Ankle boots are a staple in my everyday wardrobe that I end up wearing on repeat throughout the week. Right now one of my go-to outfit formulas involves faux-croc ankle boots worn with jeans, a turtleneck, and duster coat." — Kristen Nichols, Managing Editor

"I love a good faux-fur coat moment, and jeans and ankle boots are the best counterparts if you ask me. I love layering statement coats over double denim. I feel like the denim acts as a sort of canvas for the coat, making it stand out that much more." — Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor

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"I think a really great pair of ankle boots looks best with basics. Depending on the season, I'll layer more pieces, but at the heart of an outfit, it's usually a good pair of rigid jeans and a white tee." — Nicole Eshaghpour, Market Editor

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"Ankle boots are all I've been wearing the past few months, so to keep my outfits feeling fresh I'm leaning into strong outerwear that can do all the talking, like the leather trench I'm wearing here. Since the trench and ankle boots are a lot of leather for this look, I grabbed a satin bag that offers a different texture." — Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor