Looks That Are Totally Zumba-Ready

Ready to change the game when it comes to your summertime workouts? We sure are. We’re looking to dance-based classes like Zumba this season to get us moving and grooving—outside and in. Not only is it a fun way to help out that bikini bod, but it quickly becomes social hour with all your best friends as you dance your way through a class that feels more like a party than a workout, though your muscles surely know you’ve worked out once you’re through! For all these new classes, though, we’re updating our activewear wardrobe a bit, as there are some essentials we want to make sure to have in rotation for such an active class as Zumba. From high-impact support bras to leggings that make you feel as festive as the music you’re dancing to, here is exactly what to wear to Zumba this summer.

Working out has never looked so stylish, especially with these bold Zumba essentials.