These Chic Summertime Looks Are Perfect for a Day at the Zoo

With the warmer temperatures of summer comes a social calendar filled with outdoor activities. One such trip we love to take at least a few times a season is to the zoo—children or not. Though the parents among us plan a family field trip for obvious reasons, it can also be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

What to wear when planning a trip to the zoo, though? Comfort is key, as even the smallest of zoos require a ton of walking. Loose clothing is not ideal, as some locations allow the animals to be close by. For summer days, think of outdoor accessories that protect like gorgeous sunglasses and a super-chic hat. And last but not least, layering is key, as you're apt to walk straight from the humid and sticky rainforest into the frigid puffin house before knowing what hit you.

With all the above and more in mind, draw some inspiration for what to wear to the zoo this summer from our favorite street style stars below. And then shop our essentials for the most practical—and most stylish—outfits for the zoo.

Ready to hit the zoo? We're wearing those inspirational summertime looks for one of our favorite summertime activities and beyond.