5 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Trip to the Spa



You've finally got that spa day on the calendar—the treatment is booked, and your body is ready. Then it hits you: What do people even wear to get a massage? Mastering the dress code can feel tricky (and can give you flashbacks of changing into your P.E. uniform), but as the following five outfits attest, it doesn't have to be.

The cardinal rule to keep in mind? Comfort. You want to wear a massage outfit that's easy to remove (you'll most likely be getting naked, after all), adheres to whatever level of modesty you're most comfortable with, and won't feel like a straightjacket when you eventually have to leave your plush bathrobe behind and head back into the real world.

No matter what you wear, though, be sure to bring along your favorite swimsuit: It's great to have on hand if you're not up to stripping all the way down to your birthday suit (which some spas encourage, but remember, you can always adjust the dress code to work for you)… And because we can guarantee the whirlpool is calling your name.

Keep reading to for your full guide of what to wear to a massage and shop key pieces.

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