What to Wear on a Long Flight According to a Flight Attendant


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With holiday and travel season ahead of us, today we’re sharing what to wear if you’re headed on a long flight over the next few weeks. To ensure, you’re set with the best outfit options that are equally stylish and practical, we reached out to Madeline Mandeville, who flies for a living as a flight attendant for Delta. Mandeville shared with us the best outfit combination she recommends when traveling on a flight over four hours long.

“Personally, I think looking presentable everywhere you go is important. So I always try to stick to that even when flying,” she shared. “Flight attendants respect when you do this too. Shoes are important. Never sandals because planes are gross (never, ever go in the bathroom on a plane barefoot—that’s not water on the floor), and you never know how cold they’re going to be. If it’s a super-long flight, always bring a pair of socks in case you want to secretly take your shoes off in your seat to get more comfortable. I usually wear a big scarf that can double as a blanket. Flights under four hours, I usually wear jeans, boots, and a cute comfortable top.

“For long flights like overseas, you can never have enough layers. Joggers or leggings are always good to wear with flats or tennis shoes. A nice hoodie comes in handy too so you can put it over your head and get some sleep. Comfortable is important, and it’s always possible to be comfortable without looking like a slob.”

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Joggers or Leggings


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