7 Items You're Going to Realize You Need on June 20

Photo: A Love Is Blind

In case you have no idea what the summer solstice is, you're not alone, so let us explain. Summer solstice, in layman's terms, is basically when the sun is at its highest position in the sky, meaning that on this particular day, the sun shines for longer, and the day will likely be hotter. This year, summer solstice falls on June 20, meaning you have plenty of time to prep for this seasonal occurrence—and by prep, we mean your wardrobe, of course.

Since this date falls in summer, your warm-weather wardrobe could probably use a few updates. Here, we identified seven items that come June 20, you will be wishing you already had on hand. Because if you are going to survive the increasing temperatures, you're going to want to do it in style.

Go on to find out the seven items that will help prepare you for the quickly approaching summer solstice.