Planning a Weekend Getaway? Here's What You Need

what to pack for a weekend trip


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Between choosing weather-appropriate clothing for a vacation to making sure you aren’t stuffing your carry-on bag for a mere few days, packing for a quick weekend trip is a feat in itself. And, of course, you don’t want to let limited luggage space compromise your personal style.

To get the most out of a quick trip, we enlisted organization expert Melody Mesick of Simply Spaced for the best advice on what you’ll need. Follow these easy guidelines to take the stress out of packing. You’ll thank us later.

Plan out your weekend.

Create a list of everything that’s happening over the weekend. Whether you’re having a cozy night in or going to a concert, you’ll know what you need. Having a rough itinerary will create a guide for when you’re packing. Mesick says, “For me, writing it all down helps me visualize anything I may want to have access to in each setting.”

Choose versatile clothing.

This might be the most important for fashion lovers. “First, bring clothing in a cohesive color palette so that everything can be worn together. Second, bring layering pieces to build and change an outfit as the weather fluctuates. Lastly, bring pieces that can be dressed up or down,” Mesick explains.

Try on your outfits beforehand.

Mesick recommends trying on your outfits beforehand and snapping a photo before your trip. That way, you don’t have to spend time thinking about your outfits when you could be out enjoying your vacation!

Have a go-to travel cosmetics bag.

Prepare a pre-packed cosmetics bag rather than creating a fresh batch every time. Put your go-to products in travel-size bottles, then stow them somewhere handy like underneath your bathroom sink when you get home. “When you’re back from your trip, take a few extra minutes to refill your travel bottles. That way, it’s always ready to go,” she says.

Go light.

If you can opt for slimmer versions of things, Mesick advises to do exactly that. If you have bulky boots, try a sleeker take on them. Cutting down on size and weight will make your suitcase that much better. Also, be sure to wear your bulkiest items on travel days to maximize suitcase space.

Remember less is more.

Only bring the essentials. Mesick says, “Always remember that your trip is about the moments. You’ll create a refreshing, relaxing experience for everyone.”

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