Will These Carry-On Bags Change The Way You Travel?

We’ve waxed poetic about amazing travel style before, and rightfully so—it’s nothing short of impressive to walk off an international flight as though you’re walking off the set of a photo shoot. But while airport style can vary, there is one upgrade that might just get you a step closer to, say, Kaia Gerber-arriving-at-LAX level. It’s your carry-on.

Chances are you’re currently relying on an old, trusty carryall that’s racked up countless miles between work trips, last-minute getaways, and visits to family and friend around the globe. However, the 14 options ahead might inspire a change of heart. That’s especially true if you’re a fan of Millennial Pink, a modern metallic finish, a retro-inspired trunk, or, well, Gucci’s iconic logo—which cover just a few of the options ahead for a refreshingly sleek, cool, and TSA-approved carry-on bag that will be your new travel go-to. Keep scrolling to find one that best speaks to you and your next adventure.

Opening Image: AKM GSI

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