An ASOS Editor Reveals What You Should Look for When Buying Jeans

Shopping for new jeans is up there with spending the afternoon looking for a needle in a haystack. As in, something no one ever wants to do. When you don't know what you're looking for, is when it all gets really frustrating. With so many styles, cuts, shapes, patterns, embellishments (the list of denim trends in 2017 goes on), it's overwhelming.

To help you on your denim-buying journey as we head into the cooler months, we asked Susannah tucker, ASOS Australia senior writer, for her best tip on what you should search for. Right now, ASOS has over 1000 styles of jeans on site, so if anyone's an expert on denim, it's Tucker.

Keep scrolling to find out her best advice, then shop the jeans you never realised you were looking for.


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"There are a few key non-negotiables that need to be considered. Good fit, the right length and knowing what styles work for you are always important. I’m 5’2” and straight up-and-down, so I know a regular three-quarter length style will be the perfect full length on me and a high-waist cut creates the excellent optical illusion of curves and making my legs appear longer than they actually are. On the flip side, the skinny denim dungarees that look amazing on Gigi Hadid will make me resemble an overgrown toddler. Know what'll fit and flatter you. Beyond that all-important fit factor, I think you should approach jeans shopping with an adventurous attitude and not get too stuck on a particular cut or style. Instead of classic blue denim keep an eye out for a fresh colour, customisation elements like embroidered details or patches, and wide-leg 90s-style skate shapes. Treat your wardrobe to a pair of everyday ‘uniform’ jeans (like a classic straight leg, ‘mom’ jean or black skinny) as well as a pair of jeans with a more trend-driven vibe to pull out for a stronger statement. Just add a plain tee and you’re ready to party."

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