9 Pieces Our Editors Are Donating and Acquiring This Fall

We've been talking about and anticipating fall for many weeks now, but for the month of October, we're officially placing our bets on the trends and pieces we're adding to our wardrobes for the coming months. Here goes: When living in New York or Los Angeles, as most of us Who What Wear editors do, there's a good chance that you're going to be short on closet space, and that means tough decisions have to be made each season. Since it's finally fall, we've put our seasonal closet cleanout plans into overdrive, and what to donate and acquire in each item's place has been top of mind. 

There are many benefits to doing a closet overhaul. Donating your unwanted things to Goodwill or the like promotes sustainability, and creating more space in your closet can be surprisingly therapeutic. But perhaps the most enjoyable part of the process is deciding what to fill the resulting empty space with. That's where we come in. Keep reading to find out what us Who Wha Wear editors are donating and acquiring for fall. 

"I'll be donating a few pairs of my classic pumps. I never wear them anymore because the heels are too high! Plus I like my shoes to have a bit more personality, and lately, pumps feel a bit traditional."

"An all-leather look feels like a fresh take on a coordinating set, especially in brown." — Kat Collings

"Since they've proven to be not the best shoe choice for NYC's wet and cold fall and winter weather, I'm getting rid of my old sock sneakers and making room for a new pair of durable yet on-trend hiker boots in my shoe wardrobe." — Nicole Akhtarzad

"Never one to shy away from the weirder styles on the trend spectrum, I'm donating the Hawaiin print shirts that served me well this summer but won't have a place in my closet for fall. Instead, I'll be picking up a few zebra-print pieces that feel more current." — Anna LaPlaca

"I'll be donating the whole neon color palette. As excited as I was to lean into the bold trend, I found that it was difficult to really incorporate into my daily wardrobe. Instead, I'll be really embracing the renewed love of brown hues. Not sure why the color ever got a bad rap in the first place, but I'm ready to campaign for its triumphant return." — Lauren Eggertsen

"Right now I'm putting a pause on traditional pumps. Instead, I've found myself gravitating toward cool, nouveau styles like this Souliers Martinez woven leather version." — Kristen Nichols

"I'm giving away some of my boring, dark outerwear pieces and buying colorful jackets and coats that are a lot more fun to wear." — Erin Fitzpatrick

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"I'm giving the bell-sleeve trend a rest for now since it seems to have reached its peak. On the flip side, something that I'll never get rid of is croc-embossed bags; they're so classic and of the moment at once." — Allyson Payer

"I'm donating a pair of flat black boots that I don't wear as much anymore and adding these hot western-inspired boots in their place." — Michelle Scanga

"This fall I'm donating most of my jeans with too much stretch in them. A stiffer, structured, almost trouser-like fit is more my speed at the moment. They take a little more work to break in, but it's totally worth it in my opinion." — Gina Marinelli

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