Here's What Guys Really Think of Queer Eye on Netflix


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If you were a fly on the wall in any fashion office for the past month or so, you would have likely heard about one topic over and over: everyone's obsession with Queer Eye. The rebooted show premiered on Netflix in February, almost 12 years after the original series went off the air. All of your girlfriends probably watch the show, but what do guys really think of it? Well, allow us to turn your attention to a Reddit thread where men have been sounding off on the subject.

"I've really enjoyed the show. In fact I find it really inspiring," Reddit user TheBadWolf wrote. "I'm one of those guys who thinks he doesn't deserve anything. I don't deserve decent clothes because I'm fat, I shouldn't bother making my apartment look nicer because no one ever comes over, no reason to learn how to cook because I'm just cooking for me. But the show has really inspired me to make something of myself for myself...Being happier and motivated has caused me to spend more time at the gym. I'm sure not everyone is going to as inspired as I was, but it has really given me a new perspective."

Another Reddit user, amoryamory, agrees with the sentiment and explained how the show is essential for representation. "I love it. I absolutely adore it," he wrote. "As a bisexual man, it's so important to see gay men on TV—and being respected for their opinions and qualities." 

On the other hand, Reddit user v1_7 is skeptical that the show can really impact someone long-term: "I also wonder how long the lifestyle changes last. Do these people actually continue cooking healthy food after the show leaves? And all of these makeovers are really aided by the fact that the participant does not have to fund the change themselves. Will these people be able to maintain this new lifestyle without any new money?Head over to the Reddit thread to read more fascinating takes. 

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