Stop Wearing Jeans by 53? No Thanks



What's the age that you should finally give up on wearing jeans? A recent study pinpointed that by 53, women should give up denim for good. Take one look at Cindy Crawford above, and well that study just doesn't hold any salt. (Cindy is 51, yes, but I think the point is proven anyway.) Wearing jeans, or any clothing for that matter, is not something to be pegged to any age, body type, or other physical category.  

The study was conducted by a British delivery service and dove into the general stress around shopping for jeans, noting that 6% of shoppers are brought to tears shopping for denim and 29% have given up on ever finding the perfect pair of jeans. While I think that we can all acknowledge that finding your ideal pair of jeans can be a painstaking problem, it's not one that's exclusive to any one group of people. 

We can't all claim to have a supermodel for a mom (looking at you, Kaia Gerber), but I think we can all agree that if our mothers or grandmothers feel their best in a pair of jeans, then more power to them. While we here at Who What Wear might highlight a flattering style or a passing trend, at the end of the day, you can't put an age limit on personal style.