10 Wedding Shoes You Can Wear Long After the Big Day

The other day while rummaging through the back of my shoe closet, a glistening twinkle caught my eye. A warm, nostalgic feeling came over me when I realized they were my white satin, beautifully (if not excessively) embellished wedding shoes. I hadn’t seen them since my wedding day nearly one whole year ago.

Saddened that I had neglected them in the back corner alongside my six-inch stilettos from my early 20s, I got to thinking. What if I had opted for a more versatile pair that I could actually wear again? Timeless shoes that I could effortlessly slip on with jeans for cocktails or dinner?

The truth is it would be nice if I could wear my wedding shoes again. Especially since I worked incredibly hard to find them and spent a rather large portion of my paycheck to buy them.

So in the spirit of getting the most out of our wedding purchases, we’ve rounded up 10 chic and versatile wedding shoes you can absolutely wear long after the big day—no dust-collecting in sight.