The Crazy Thing I Did to Score My Wedding Dress for Under $30

From the dress to the venue, everyone has a unique story when it comes to pulling off a picture-perfect wedding day. While I’m not married, just last week I even shared what I’ve learned through simply attending #weddingseason over the past couple years. (I’ve found when it comes to shopping for right wedding guest dress, if it passes the “F&F rule,” you’re typically good to go.) On the topic of unusual things people do to find the perfect dress, however, I reached out to our Facebook community, where I was connected with Mimi Curry Eubanks, a devoted WWW reader who shared the wild way she scored her wedding dress for under $30. Ahead, Eubanks spills her bridal gown tactics.

“I wasn’t about to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress, so I started browsing Pinterest and found a website with lots of awesome dresses. I believe it was a Chinese website (that’s the link from my Pinterest board, but I think the dress is no longer available). I ordered three dresses in their largest sizes and waited. I spent about $90 for all of it and ended up with the below dress, which was $25, and sent the others back (which were terrible and nothing like the pics). It was perfect,” she told us.

As if that weren’t enough good fortune, Eubanks added, “My dad is in the floral business, so my flowers were free (would have been about $1K worth otherwise), and everyone said I looked amazing! I totally lucked out with this dress, but everyone thinks I’m nuts when I tell them where my dress is from and how much it cost.”

Eubanks proves that will a little bit of online digging through unexpected sites and using the connections available to you, it is possible to pull off an affordable and beautiful wedding. See the $25 dress and gorgeous flowers in action below.