I Wish I'd Tried These 5 Street Style Trends Sooner

New York Fashion Week ended almost a month ago, and I only now find myself coming out of outfit fatigue. After spending a long string of days ripping apart my closet to create some semblance of a "cute outfit," I found myself desperate for a block of time when I could wear nothing but basics, namely jeans, sweaters, and sneakers. Luckily, my fashion brain fry has finally subsided, and I've been busy combing through a month of street style photos, getting excited about the fresh styling tricks I've decided I want to give a go. 

While for the most part, the clothes that came down a runway won't appear on the shelves for six months or so, the cool thing about street style is its immediacy. I can easily shop for key trends I feel like I'm missing right now. And as for new styling tricks, once the idea is planted, all it takes is a little time experimenting with how to make it work for my body. 

It's hard to admit that I was in need of a breather period to get my creative juices flowing again, but now that I'm finally energized to freshen up my wardrobe, I'm highlighting for you the five trends at the top of my list. The best part: None of my top picks is particularly difficult to add into the rotation. Supplementing your wardrobe with one new piece, or reimagining the way you wear what you already own will do the trick. So, join me in breaking out these trends in the coming months.