15 Fresh Ways to Style the #1 Shoe Trend of the Summer

Strappy, heeled sandals are undoubtedly the It shoe of summer 2019, which means you've probably already worn the heck out of whichever pair (or pairs) you own. Lately, I've been experiencing strappy-sandal fatigue, as I've worn mine with essentially every good summer outfit that's sitting in my closet. In turn, this always leaves me asking, "Now what?" Well, I'll tell you what. I went ahead and searched the depths of the internet (aka Instagram) and discovered not one but 15 fresh ways to style the number one shoe trend of the summer.

Now when I say fresh, I really mean it. We're talking out-of-the-box, innovative, and unique outfit ideas that all incorporate the strappy-sandal trend in different ways. Be it a printed bike shorts–and-blazer situation or even a tennis-skirt look (you're going to love that one), the summer outfit ideas ahead are primed and ready for you to start incorporating them into your daily life as soon as possible. And if you don't already own a pair, don't worry. There are plenty of our favorites below as well.

Style Tip: Wear your tennis skirt outside the court for a change. The addition of strappy heels and a crop top will have you ready for a night out in no time. 

Style Tip: Mix and match colors within the same color family without getting too monochromatic. 

Style Tip: Lighten up a pair of tough leather shorts with a tube top and elegant strappy sandals. 

Style Tip: Contrary to the last tip, go all out and choose two colors on opposite ends of the color wheel for a striking color-blocked look. 

Style Tip: If you're going for the '80s trend, really go for it by way of bold shoulders and an acid-wash miniskirt.

Style Tip: Instead of plain black bike shorts, take a printed pair for a spin. Strappy sandals, in this case, instantly give the outfit a polished finish. 

Style Tip: Going for a mixed-print look? We approve. Just make sure your shoes are enhancing the contrasting pieces, not distracting from them. 

Style Tip: The PVC shoe trend is still alive and kicking, but if it's never really been your cup of tea, you can get the same naked-shoe effect with nude strappy sandals. 

Style Tip: The '90s called, and they want you to fully embrace them all summer long, three-piece suits and all. Additionally, if you haven't invested in a pair of strappy sandals yet this season, a black pair is a great start. 

Style Tip: Even something as classic as a full tweed set can be modernized by way of sleek strappy shoes. 

Style Tip: We call this one "basketball practice, but make it fashion." Think outside the box and try pairing a more athleisure piece with this summer shoe trend. 

Style Tip: Yes, you can wear socks with sandals in the summer, so stop being afraid and try it for yourself. 

Style Tip: Dress up your jean shorts with the sassy addition of a leather jacket and heeled sandals. 

Style Tip: Dad shirts can feel just as elevated as a prairie top when paired with sleek, barely there shoes. 

Style Tip: Jorts can sometimes get a bad rap, and even though they are currently trending, they can be hard to style. Throw on these shoes, and you'll be able to make any jorts outfit work. 

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