7 "Boring" Basics NYC Girls Wear Pretty Much Every Day

NY Girl Basics Trench Coat



A shift in seasons is an exciting occasion for your wardrobe. Fresh trends come into focus, and a brand-new set of accessories and layers are at the tip of your fingers. Whether you're investing in a playful tie-dye tee for spring or splurging on a pair of '90s-inspired strappy sandals, suffice it to say if you're into fashion, there's shopping to do. That being said, our closets still needs to be grounded by slightly boring basics. and perhaps no one knows this better than an archetypal NYC girl.

If you live in Manhattan, then you know that an outfit that's centered on versatility is key. You might start your day grabbing breakfast with a friend, go to the office, and then catch up with friends over drinks—all in the same look. Not to mention you'll also be doing all of this whilst commuting by subway, walking, or a taxi. It requires some planning, which is why having an inventory of aforementioned "boring" basics is crucial. Ahead, we rounded up what these basics are, which NYC girls are relying on them, and where to shop them for your own wardrobe.

White Button-Down Shirt

A classic white button-down can be worn everywhere from the office to date night; it just depends on how you style it. If you're dressing it up, tuck it into trousers and slip into low-heel slingbacks. Heading to dinner? Tie it up and wear it with a slip skirt—the options are endless.

Classic Blue Jeans

This goes without saying but we'll say it anyway: Jeans are your best friend. They go with everything, and if you put in the time to find a pair that fits you like a glove, you'll never have a bad outfit day.

Commuter Sneakers

Because NYC girls are always on the go, a pair of cool sneakers that can be dressed up or down is a must. Go for classics like Converse, Vans, or Nike for a reliably good look.

Trench Coat

Sadly, one of the pains that come with living in NYC are unexpected showers (yes, even in the summer). With a trench coat always in tow, though, you'll be armed and ready.

Solid Tee

A solid T-shirt should always be within arm's reach because it pairs with everything in your closet—literally everything.

Tailored Blazer

There's no easier and quicker way to polish an outfit than by layering on a structured blazer. 

Workwear Trousers

Always being on the go means comfort is key, and a pair of relaxed trousers that can translate to a variety of scenarios is a smart investment.

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