Back to Basics: The Only Items You Need in Every Category

In certain circles, being "basic" is not necessarily a good thing, but in fashion, basics are a necessity in any wardrobe. Below, find our favorite tips on how to style basics like tees, jeans, and blazers!

1. We picked the best basics in every category from blazers to button-downs to trousers to loafers. You're welcome! 

2. Wearing basics does not mean looking boring. Here are some easy ways to add embellishments to your basics.

3. The most important aspect of basics is making sure you invest in quality ones. These brands have really solid basics to shop.

4. Styling an oversized blazer isn't as challenging as it might seem on the surface, and it's a great way to dress up an outfit.

5. Put a belt over your blazer for a whole new way to style the basic.

6. Because there's nothing better than a worn-in t-shirt to lounge in over the holiday break, we found a really good one for you.

7. Investing in a pricey t-shirt, as it turns out, can be totally worth the money.

8. Jeans are the ultimate basic. Here's how to style every single pair in your closet.

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