Where to Shop for Vintage Levi's

We know from experience that discovering the perfect pair of vintage Levi's takes a lot of research and can involve a lot of hits and misses on the way to finding your dream pair. It's an especially tricky business, given that sizing has changed so much throughout the years, and many vintage pairs were actually originally men's styles. Luckily most sites list the measurements of the pair in question (so keep yours handy), and several brands (i.e. RE/DONE) take it upon themselves to recut and resew vintage pairs to reflect today's denim trends and sizing standards.

While we've discussed vintage denim shopping in the past, since vintage Levi's are gaining in popularity these days, we thought it a good time to share with you our current favorite sources for the aforementioned jeans (and cool pairs from their current stocks). From a Los Angeles–based boutique with a well-edited collection to one of our favorite Etsy shops for Levi's jeans and shorts, this is where your search begins. And just in case you're more in to unworn Levi's, we have you covered below, too. Scroll down to see them all! 

The online shop of this vintage store (based in Los Angeles's Echo Park neighborhood) features a well-edited selection of denim. We advise checking the site frequently for new additions.

Based in New York, this cool-girl–favorite store's site is a great source for boyfriend-style vintage Levi's.

Although it only stocks a few styles at a time, The Line's curation of vintage Levi's come via the crown jewel of vintage finds, What Comes Around Goes Around. The Line carefully selects the best pairs for its site, and the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Nasty Gal's After Party Vintage features an assortment of denim pieces made from deadstock vintage fabrics and reworked silhouettes. They're selling out of the well-priced Levi's styles left and right, thanks in part to Bella Hadid. Consider these the perfect option if you want well-fitting vintage denim without the hassle. The cut is perfection. 

Via ASOS's Marketplace section of its site, you can shop directly from the company's favorite vintage boutiques. The offerings are vast.

Denim Refinery's large yet selective stock of vintage Levi's is one that should be on every denim lover's radar. You can also send Denim Refinery denim from your own collection, and the company will work its distressing and softening magic on them, in case "faux vintage" is more your speed.

A favorite among celebrities, RE/DONE specializes in repurposing vintage denim, hand-cutting and resewing them (based on the denim trends of the season), to ensure a perfect fit. Warning: New styles sell out quickly, so don't linger if you love them.

Urban Outfitters's in-house vintage collection features "rediscovered" denim sourced from around the world. The prices are impressively low.

The vintage Levi's possibilities are endless when it comes to Etsy—too endless, if you ask us. Do yourself a favor and start with HeathersHandss, a consistently well-stocked shop of thoroughly described jeans and shorts.

Have you found the perfect pair of vintage Levi's? What's your best advice? Tell us in the comments below!

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