22 Crazy but True Facts I Learned at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Last year, on the night the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired, I sat with a handful of girlfriends in my teeny-tiny New York City apartment, sipping on wine and taking in the spectacle like someone else might watch the Super Bowl. This year, I watched the show in a very different way: sitting in the audience in Paris.

When asked if I wanted to travel to Paris to see the show in person, I immediately said yes. Not only would I have a front-row seat to see the models take the runway, but I would also get a look at what it’s like behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling. From the moment our plane left New York, there was a buzz of excitement from both the models and those who would be attending (we were headed to Paris after all).

On TV, the show glides seemingly effortlessly from start to finish, but in real life, there’s a lot of work that goes into pulling off the big event. As I was given the chance to check it all out, I wanted to know every detail, from Bella Hadid's day-of agenda to the hours it takes to make those seriously sparkly bodysuits.

After a whirlwind four days, I learned some seriously unexpected, behind-the-scenes secrets, and I even enlisted a few of the show's models to share what surprised them most about the show.

Read on to learn 22 things you never knew about the VS fashion show!