I Wore Blair Waldorf–Style Lingerie for a Week—Here Are the Intimate Details

I’m not writing this story because I’m obsessed with Blair Waldorf, although I’m fairly certain I used to be. I’m writing it because Blair was pretty much my “introduction” to lingerie. When Gossip Girl first came out, I was in high school. I remember being so entranced by the show that I would wake up extra hour early to watch a new episode before I went to school in the morning, whereas now, the thought of waking up extra hour early for anything makes me want to riot. While yes, the fashion, drama, and anticipated gossip hooked me for many more years, it was Blair’s lingerie drawer that actually taught me something.

Up until that point in my young life, I had known what lingerie was from magazines, the intimidatingly perfect ads I would walk by in the mall, and PG-13 scenes in movies. It was for sex. It was a sex costume, if you will. It wasn’t until seeing Blair Waldorf, a “high school” girl (age casting in the show wasn’t its strong suit, but stick with me) wearing statement-making lingerie nearly every day of her life for just her, that I realized lingerie isn’t for suitors—it’s for me. For some reason, the scenes where she would come home from school or an event sans date, take her clothes off, and reveal a full-on corset, garter belt, and coordinating tap shorts; a stunning little black slip dress and thigh-high stockings; or simply the prettiest balconette bras I’ve ever seen were when I realized I officially had lingerie all wrong.


Fast-forward to present day, and I still catch myself thinking of lingerie as something that should be worn on, erm, special occasions. I’ve written time and time again about the importance of wearing lingerie for yourself and why it’s important to place care and love into your négligée drawer, but I hadn’t really believed it for myself until I tried it.

I decided if I ever wanted my perception of lingerie to change, I had to commit to actually wearing it in my day-to-day life, especially during a time when I am not in a relationship. That’s right, folks—I committed to wearing Blair Waldorf–inspired lingerie (also known as the really, really pretty kind) underneath all my clothes for a week straight. Spoiler alert: I did not go on any dates during this time and did not walk away with a partner. The transformation you’re about to read about does not revolve around potential dates or their perception of me—it revolves around me and my perception of me, and let me tell you I’ve never felt better.

Go on to read all my thoughts each day of the week as I tested some of the best lingerie brands in the business. Additionally, enjoy some Blair Waldorf inspiration and throwbacks while you’re at it.



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My Tips and Takeaways

My experience wearing lingerie for one whole week straight was beyond pleasant. A huge deal of that had to do with the fact that the lingerie I wore actually fit me. Bras weren’t digging into my shoulders, my boobs weren’t spilling out of the cups, and my underwear sat exactly where it was supposed to. Journelle and Victoria’s Secret were kind enough to each give me a private fitting so I would know exactly what kinds of bras and underwear fit my body type best and which sizes are right for me. If you are feeling inspired to update your lingerie drawer, I suggest you get fitted at a store you love beforehand. That way, you’ll be stocking your refreshed drawer with pieces you know you’ll wear for years to come.