Adriana Lima on Her Favorite Bra of All Time

When you think of Victoria's Secret, you think of Adriana Lima. However, the world-renowned model is finally putting away her wings after having walked in what is now 18 Victoria's Secret fashion shows, which she announced on Instagram with a heartfelt post. During this year's show, the model was honored with a nostalgic tribute to her 20 years spent with the brand and closed the show with a tear-filled yet appreciative final walk. 

Before the show, I went backstage to chat with Adriana just hours prior to her farewell moment. We chatted about how she spent her morning preparing for the big day ahead, what she typically wears when she wants to unwind (more on that to come), but also about one of her favorite Victoria's Secret products of all time. Without hesitation, when I asked which VS item she wears on a day-to-day basis, Lima sat up and quickly replied with a firm, "I love push-up bras." 

Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018


Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

"It's definitely sexy all the way. I change the materials all the time. You can have a cotton push-up bra—that’s something I wear mostly during the day—but if you want to be a little bit sexier, at night you can choose something with lace," she excitedly explained. While she couldn't dare single out one VS push-up bra in particular, she did inform me of her push-up bra color palette preferences—royal blue, red, black, and white.

"I mean, I am such a girly-girl," she said, "and I love being glamorous, and that includes when I’m in my house lounging. So I'm the type of girl that if I have to make myself feel happy and sexy like when I have my me time, I'm totally going to go and choose the sexiest lingerie, I'm going to put it on, I'm going to go get the most glamorous robe, I'm going to put my heels on, I will have a glass of champagne on my own, and I will watch a classic Hollywood movie. That is so me." 

Ahead, see some precious moments from the angel's emotional last walk and shop out her favorite colored VS push-up bras.