These IG Girls Remind Me of Victoria Beckham's Style

Victoria Beckham is one of those celebrities whose style is recognizable from a mile away. Personally, I can go from a Little House on the Prairie floral dress to black combat boots in the same week, but rarely will you see Beckham throw you for a complete loop with her outfits. How would I describe her signature look? Sophisticated, minimalist, and grown-up, often with a business-y feel. Think suits, trousers, midi skirts, button-down shirts, blazers, and more.

Of course, VB is still known to throw it back to her Spice Girls days and wear a thin-strap mini dress á la Posh Spice, so I obviously had to include similar vibes. While Beckham often looks office-appropriate, she subverts the traditional business look with oversized silhouettes and fashion-forward details like ruching or tapering. Scroll down to see 5 Instagram It girls whose style reminds me of Victoria Beckham and recreate their outfits. 


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On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham blouse and trousers

1. Anouk Yve

VB loves a good tapered trouser just like Anouk Yve. 

Beckham loves to wear sweaters with the collar of a white button-down shirt popping out. 

You can quite literally style this a hundred different ways. 

2. Sylvie Mus

Just like Beckham, Sylvie Mus knows the power of a great layering piece. 

I think VB would wear this layered over a turtleneck, but it also looks fantastic on its own.

Beckham's boot collection must be seriously spectacular. 

Nothing says "classic" like a trench coat—especially for Brits like Beckham. 

Beckham is also known to wear silky blouses under jackets and coats. 

3. Fong Min Liao

Fong Min Liao's outfit is something I could picture Beckham wearing from head to toe. The most essential part of the look? A gray midi skirt. 

A thin-strapped mini dress is a holdover from Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls era. 


Beckham is a fan of fuss-free pieces just like this. 

Sarennya's plaid trousers are very VB if you ask me. 


Aida's minimalist style aligns very well with Beckham's. 

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