Versed Is Here! 11 Compelling Reasons to Shop Our New Sister Skincare Line


Hey, you! Welcome. You've clicked on something really cool today. Here at Who What Wear, spirits are insanely high because today (about 30 seconds ago, actually), we launched a brand-spanking-new sister brand: a line of 19 skincare products called Versed, now available at Target. The collection contains all the essentials: cleansers, moisturizers, eyes creams, oils, serums, peels, masks, and spot treatments. We've been working on this puppy for so dam long, and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

You might be wondering why we launched a skincare line. Reasonable Q, and we have A's for you—11 of them to be exact. See, having played in the fashion and beauty industries for over a decade, consulting with experts (and readers) and constantly reporting on products and trends, we realized that there was something profoundly missing from the skincare market. We did some surveying and discovered that millennials seem to really want a few things from their skincare: products that produce visible results, aren't chockablock with potentially toxic ingredients, aren't so confusing to use that they just sit in your medicine cabinet forever, and won't cost freaking $50 for a cleanser or moisturizer that'll run out in a month. Why oh why, we had to ask ourselves, is there not one skincare line out there that is science-backed, clean, prettily packaged, and affordable? Sometimes when there's a problem that no one seems to be fixing, you have to go in and do it yourself. So yeah, that's what got us here. And we can't wait for you to meet Versed.

We also know that the skincare market is a total free-for-all, and there are about a zillion brands to choose from. So what actually makes this brand worth paying attention to? Why should you bother replacing all your existing products with these? The whole reason we made Versed in the first place was to cut out all the confusion and make skincare really simple and really effective (and highly Instagrammable, of course). To introduce you to our baby and get you excited about her, keep scrolling to check out the full line, plus 11 compelling reasons to add Versed to your cart immediately. 

1. We created each product using research collected from over 16 million people.

We didn't create Versed for ourselves; we created it according to what millennials honestly want. Who What Wear's community and readership are what inspired this brand. For example, Versed's data team discovered that millennials are willing to spend money on products that are legitimately effective. Above all, they're focused on performance and science-backed, innovative formulas. So we worked with a super-seasoned team of chemists and dermatologists to develop products that meet those requirements. A prime example? Our vitamin C powder, a unique bottle of antioxidants that you can mix with your moisturizer, face oil, or serum to brighten a dull or uneven complexion. 

2. There are zero toxic ingredients in the formulas.

Our research also revealed that a top priority for millennial skincare consumers is nontoxic ingredients. Our products may not look hippie-dippie, but their formulas are clean. We did that because self-care is a huge priority for us and were thrilled to find out that it is for you too. We made all of our products without any of the following ingredients, many of which are harsh irritants and some of which are known endocrine disruptors (read: cancer risk). Versed contains zero artificial fragrances or colors, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, formaldehyde, triclosan, triclocarban, petroleum, mineral oil, NPE, BHA, BHT, talc, hydroquinone, micro-beads, or chemical sunscreen.

So for example, the reason our hydrating mask smells so good is not because of artificial perfumes but because of the natural rose-hip seed and aloe in the formula.

3. The ingredients are truly, truly active.

Because we wanted our products to be so results-driven, we included impressive percentages of all our actives, like the vitamin C in our brightening serum and the vitamin A and glycolic and lactic acids in our peel. The amounts of actives in these products guarantees to produce noticeable differences after consistent use. Our blemish-fighting Nix-It treatment, for example, contains the highest percentages of bacteria-fighting ingredients legal for an over-the-counter acne product. The blend of exfoliating acids, rosemary, and tea tree make this one of the most effective acne treatments at the drugstore.

4. Everything is under $20.

How? Because we didn't waste money on fluffy "marketing" ingredients, fussy packaging, or traditional markups. We're also not hemorrhaging money on extravagant marketing and advertising campaigns. Instead, we focused on making the formulas as good as possible so we could be confident consumers would love them and tell their friends. That's all the advertising we need. The result? Really affordable price points, like in the case of this extremely hydrating, non-sticky hyaluronic acid serum, which, at $20, rivals products three times as expensive.

5. The brand has already received positive reviews.

We wanted to make sure consumers would love this stuff, so we did a lot of early testing with potential customers. Here is some of the feedback we're pumped to have already received:

"I’m sold—for life!!!" — On the Fix Emergency Eye Mask

"WHERE CAN I BUY???" — On the On the Rise Firming Serum

"My hair colorist just asked me what I am doing differently with my skin :)" — On The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel

6. The packaging is eco-friendly (and mad-cute).

Every single Versed product is recyclable and made with sustainably sourced materials. By recycling (or better yet, reusing) our little bottles and tubs, we project eliminating 31,014 pounds of landfill waste.

That our packaging is so aesthetic is not purely for shelf appeal. We wanted you to love it so much that you'd want to keep it around even after the product inside is gone. For example, after using up your Skin Soak moisturizer, try repurposing the pretty coral-pink container as a bedside catchall dish for your rings and bobby pins or a planter for a tiny succulent. 

7. Many of the line's products are totally unique to the drugstore. 

How many lip oils and cleansing balms are you seeing at Target? Not many. Which we thought was silly! If it's possible to create a luxurious vitamin E–rich lip oil for 10 bucks and a non-greasy, makeup-erasing solid cleanser with a spa-like scent for 18, then why wouldn't we? No reason. So we did. 

8. The line is conveniently available at Target, online and in stores (with more retailers to come).

We launched at Target today (yay!), so you can pick up some serums and masks alongside your paper towels and Joylab leggings, but later this year, you'll able to find Versed in way more places. Keep an eye out for our products at Riley Rose, Revolve, Dermstore, and on the Versed website.

9. The Versed website makes figuring out the right regimen for you really easy.

We know from the data we collected while researching the skincare market that millennials are generally really confused about what products and ingredients they should buy. We hate that. So on the Versed website, we're offering a Skin Decoder, which you can think of as your personal regimen builder, complete with product recommendations, usage cheat sheets, and expert advice. We've also got a message-based Skin Hotline, where you can hop on and get a skincare expert to answer your questions instantly via chat. 

10. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free.

Because, hello, there is no room in our skincare routines for cruel animal testing and/or ingredients. Period. That means none of the following animal products commonly found in skincare are in Versed tubes: shark liver squalene, animal-derived glycerine or collagen, stearic acid (which usually comes from pigs' stomachs), lanolin (which comes from sheep), and the list goes on and on. Only ethically made, plant-sourced products here!

11. The products address the skin concerns millennials care about most.

Our research told us that by and large, millennials each have two or three skincare concerns. Dullness, acne, and aging are among them. So that's what we focused on. It's the reason you see really simple, high-quality basics in this collection (like cleansers and moisturizers), as well as highly active treatments (like peels, masks, eye creams, serums, and spot treatments). We didn't focus on making anything too fancy or frilly or adding ingredients that weren't really necessary, because that's not what millennials want. They want a routine that makes sense and that works. That's what Versed is. We hope you dig it. 

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