15 Ways to Wear Velvet This New Year

Velvet has always been a fabric that makes us humans feel a hint of grandeur and royalty—literally. If you trace velvet's history, actual royals and other wealthy people flaunted it, so it’s to no surprise that now that the masses have access to it, we can’t help but feel like 100 bucks (and more) when we wear it. Its soft texture simply screams luxury and elevates our clothing, accessories, and even our furniture. However, for this article, we’re going to stick with velvet clothes and accessories.

From velvet dresses, pants, skirts, overalls, pantsuits, and even boots and purses, if they’re covered in velvet, they certainly have what it takes to make your evening look a memorable one. Now that it’s actually cool enough to wear this fabric, and the holiday season has just begun, we can’t help but want to save our best velvet outfit for New Year's Eve. Another thing we love about velvet is that no matter if your style is more on the bohemian side, the gothic side, you’re a fan of streetwear, you’re a full-blown maximalist, you can count on all things velvet to fit your aesthetic. Plus, it's always an NYE hit—especially when it comes to photos.

So, if you're already wondering how you're going to style your best velvet frock, ahead we’ve rounded 15 velvet New Year’s Eve outfits that are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty and that we highly recommend you wear during the daylight, as well.

A sultry red velvet dress looks great with black ankle boots and dangling earrings.

Wide-leg velvet pants are perfect to show off your moves. 

Shimmering velvet? Yes, please. 

It's also a yes for this studded velvet dress. 

Keep it cute and casual with matching velvet pants and top.

Adding this to the dresses we need ASAP. 

Velvet pantsuits are the epitome of cool comfort. 

Elevate your wrap dress by opting for a sultry red one. 

Can you say drama? 

Play around with color and texture by styling your burgundy velvet jumpsuit with a pink silk top. 

If you don't have any NYE plans, you can still elevate any look by opting for a velvet jacket. 

So stunning. 

We decided that velvet looks best in this brown color. 

A true showstopper. 

Why not try two trends at the same time? 

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Velvet checkered pants? Doesn't get more festive than that. 

How lovely is this ruching detailing? 

Layer this over a mesh turtleneck for your party look. 

Want more velvet tops though? Snag them here.