Those Tortoiseshell Earrings You're Seeing Everywhere? Here's Where They're From

Unless you’ve been on complete social-media detox, you’ve probably noticed that basically every single fashion blogger has been posting photos of tortoiseshell earrings on Instagram lately. While we can’t explain it, something feels so right  about these resin earrings.

Maybe it’s because they remind us of our favourite summer sunglasses, or maybe it’s because they strike the perfect balance between being a statement piece and an essential basic. Regardless, we decided to do a little digging to discover where everyone has been getting these amazing accessories. And when we say, “everyone”, we aren’t exaggerating. Chloe Hill, Brooke Testoni, Jiawa Liu, Carmen Hamilton, Nadia Fairfax… you get the point.  

Thankfully, the popularity of the earrings made it pretty easy to track down the brand behind the masterpiece: Valet Studio. All we had to do was look at who our favourite bloggers were tagging in their Instagram pics, and the mystery was solved.

According to the brand’s website, “Each VALET Jewellery piece is carefully handmade with unique coloured resin and 18k gold-filled hardware.” Considering that, the moderate price point seems quite reasonable for jewellery you could easily wear every day. Thankfully, they make their signature resin earrings in a variety of shapes and colours (if tortoiseshell isn’t your thing), meaning that no matter your style, you’re sure to find a pair you like.