37 Valentine's Day Gifts That Make Sense in 2021

2021 Valentine's Day gift guide

It may seem like we all just finished buying holiday gifts (which we basically did), but it's time to think about Valentine's Day now, and what we're going to give to our significant others, friends, and family members—or whomever you care to give a little token to on February 14.

We're all well aware by now that many of the gift categories we used to rely on (concert tickets, clothes that aren't sweatpants, travel accessories, etc.) aren't particularly useful these days, but plenty of other things are. And we found 33 of the best ones for your Valentine's Day gifting consideration this year. Between candles, beauty products, games, books, jewelry, and more, there's something for everyone (including yourself if self-care is your V-Day MO this year).

Keep scrolling for the lovely Valentine's Day ideas that'll actually get some use in 2021.



Just when you didn't think Diptyque candles could get any better, they gave us this limited-edition treasure.

This poetry book is a beautiful, thoughtful gift to give.

We said this gift guide was going to be relevant, didn't we?

Shop the matching Vanessa Cotton-Jersey Track Pants ($150).



Cool heart-shaped jewelry does exist.

We're tempted to treat ourselves with this luxurious robe.

The perfect gift for anyone who's obsessed with The Queen's Gambit.

Your BFF will adore this fun bracelet set.

Something to make their at-home workouts a little more pleasurable.

A fun way to get to know your significant other a little better.

Froth is a beverage gamechanger.

Even J.Lo loves sparkly bikinis.

Shop the matching Ofu Bottoms ($140).

It's perfectly fine if your valentine is your dog.

I've been using this little device and can vouch that it's worth it.

It smells amazing and takes up minimal space.

I love that this mask comes in sizes.

Users of this little device rave about the noticeable difference it makes.

A little more budget-friendly than an actual Hermès bag.

A must for anyone who's in the market for a Le Labo fragrance.

A lovely addition to any plant collection.

The perfect gift for anyone who values their beauty sleep (and bedside aesthetics).

These funky candles continue to be a cult favorite.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love you forever after receiving this.

The coffee table book that's sold out (almost) everywhere.

An adorable V-Day gift for the little one in your life.

If your S.O. has been missing their deep tissue massages, trust us and get them this.