5 Reasons You're Bored of Your Winter Wardrobe

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Every year when winter rolls around, we’re initially so excited about all the new coats and boots we’re going to start wearing for the chillier season… But once the excitement dies down, winter can quickly begin to feel a little boring. All it takes is a few too many days of an all-black ensemble to make us feel like we’re in sartorial rut, but when it’s cold outside it’s almost too easy to fall into patterns of dressing that are less-than exciting.

If you’re experiencing a similar feeling, don’t worry: You’re not alone. Changing seasons does mean changing wardrobes after all, and when you’ve had a long summer of relying on girly sundresses, it’s not always the easiest feat to accomplish. To help you out, we’ve dissected the top five reasons why your winter wardrobe may be feeling a little drab. If you’re tired of winter clothes already, we’ve still got a whole season ahead; so instead of going through the nothing-to-wear-panic every morning, let’s tackle the issue head on. Keep scrolling to figure out why your winter wardrobe feels like it’s lacking, and read our advice on how to remedy it. We’ve even included a few pieces to shop at your leisure if you’re looking for a seasonal update. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Not enough Colour

While colour may at first seem best reserved for warmer seasons, it’s a staple to keep your winter wardrobe feeling fun. Even if you find yourself leaning towards darker hues when it’s cold out, simply adding a colourful accessory can transform your entire look. Not to mention, bright colours have been a major trend this autumn and winter, so don’t shy away from them if you’re a fan. Investing in a bright coat is an easy way to instantly amp up your wintertime wardrobe.

2. Not enough texture

When dressing in the wintertime, warmth is usually a priority. No one likes to be shivering during their morning commute, so we completely understand the desire to cover up every inch of your body. However, if you’re just layering trousers and sweaters everyday, it can quickly get old. While it’s not as easy to add variety with varying silhouettes in the winter, texture can still play a major role. If you’re wearing simpler trousers, opt for a unique top and vice versa.

3. Plain Accessories

Yes, you need to dress for the weather; but this doesn’t mean that your umbrella and raincoat should put a damper on the rest of your outfit. Instead, look at these essential pieces as an opportunity to accessorise by choosing fun options that will keep your outfit looking chic.

4. Not Planning ahead

This is one that we’re all guilty of, but there’s no surer way to end up in a bland outfit than waiting to choose what you’re going to wear until the morning, when it’s dark and cold outside. If you find you’re constantly wearing black jeans and turtlenecks because you wake up dreading the cold, start planning your outfits the night before and challenge yourself to make it interesting. The key here is to be realistic about it, so address the fact that you’ll probably be chilly in the morning by adding a chic coat into the mix.

5. Wearing the same shoes every day

If you only have one pair of shoes that can stand up to the rain, it’s probably a good idea to invest in another. While we’re not saying you need a huge variety of waterproof kicks, wearing the same ankle boots everyday when you’re used to a rotation of heels will get old quickly. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear boots everyday either, even sneakers with a platform will keep you elevated from the wet pavement and provide traction so that you’re not slipping around.

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