6 Styling Ideas That Will Make You Look Truly Innovative (Each Under $100)

unique styling ideas



While we're always down to get inspired by one of our favorite fashion people we follow for inspiration, there's something undeniably satisfying about coming up with an outfit that's truly you. At the end of the day, you'll stand out that much more by not dressing like anyone else and people will automatically get the sense that it's you wearing the clothes and not the other way around. So how exactly do you accomplish this?

Sure, a standout outfit is one thing, but having a little imagination with how you put pieces together can go a long way. I'm talking about some of the unique styling ideas you might not have thought of before—like wearing an oversize cardigan as a skirt or tying a neck scarf into a tube top—that will make you look truly innovative and probably garner interest from friends, family, and co-workers alike, too. An original outfit that makes you feel like you and will earn you loads of compliments at the same time? It's a win-win.

Luckily for you (and your wallet), our Who What Wear collection at Target is just teeming with pieces just like this that are easily transformable into something truly creative. Scroll down to get inspired by six of our favorite out-of-the-box ideas and then shop the pieces you need to try each out for yourself.

A cardigan can be a skirt if you try hard enough

Brooklyn Decker unique styling idea


Winnie Au for Who What Wear

Remember when Brooklyn Decker styled our button-up cardigan as a chic knitted skirt in the shoot we did with her? It kind of blew our minds. 

...or the comfiest sweater dress in existence

Who knew a cardigan could be so versatile? Our very own marketing coordinator, Alyssa, went for an upsized cardi and styled it as a slouchy sweaterdress. Genius.

Don't be afraid to layer a voluminous dress over pants

Who What Wear at Target



Ah, the good old dress-over-pants combo. The out-of-the-box style is bold one for sure, but wear it with confidence and you'll impress anyone you cross paths with.

Give your scarf a second life as a tube top

who what wear at target



The '90s called—they want you to think outside the box with your printed scarves. Fold one in half diagonally and you've got yourself a ready-made summer top that no one else will own.

Jacket? Dress? A button-up piece can do both

Who What Wear collection at Target unique styling ideas


Justin Coit

You probably never knew you needed a sleeveless vest like this, but let me tell you, it's actually the most ideal layering piece for that in-between weather. Our favorite way to wear it, though? Buttoned and cinched up as a dress—because no one else will think to wear it that way.

Reimagine a button-down into a wrap top

Don't pigeonhole your button-up shirts as a plain staple that's just for work. Wrap each side opposite the other and tuck it into high-waisted jeans or shorts for a cool undone look. Voilà, you've just DIY-ed your own top.

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