What a Work Wardrobe Should Look Like, According to 2 Stylish Entrepreneurs


Here at Who What Wear, we’re champions of female-founded, -owned, and -operated businesses—after all, our company was founded by two fearless women. That’s why we’re launching Female Founded, a new editorial series that dives into the stories of those who launched their own businesses. Here you’ll discover who these women are, what they've accomplished, and see how they style pieces from our own Who What Wear collection at Target.

Imagine you're just about to start a new job. You've gotten past the interview rounds but as you gear up for your first week, you have to re-assess your current work outfits and ensure that they're up-to-par for your new work environment. Your first instinct might be to go out and purchase an entirely new wardrobe because, well, it's only natural that you'll want to make a winning first impression. If you've ever thought to yourself I have nothing to wear (and let's face it, we all have), you'll know just how daunting it can be to begin building a professional and, yes, stylish wardrobe for work that still lets your personality shine through.

No one understands the challenges of building an organized and streamlined closet better than Finery founders Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey. The duo, who launched their closet organization app last year, are on a mission to eradicate the all-too-infamous worry about having nothing to wear for good. Though both women came from diverse backgrounds before launching their business—Casey was a news anchor and Decker was and continues to act, they have a clear vision for how they see Finery improving our lives and closets and some major style advice for a work wardrobe, too.


(Image credit: On Whitney Casey: Who What Wear Long Balloon Sleeve Hoodie, A-line Midi Skirt, and Striped Long Puff Sleeve Button-Up Shirt, and Balenciaga shoes; On Brooklyn Decker: Who What Wear Striped Long Sleeve Cozy Crew Neck Sweater and Plaid A-line Mini Skirt and Louis Vuitton shoes)

On Launching Their Business

"Brooklyn and I were using all kinds of apps to help us simplify our lives, cull our finances, organize our travel, etc., but when it came to our wardrobes—the place we spend a lot of our money—there was nothing that existed to make it easier to manage things like returns, purchases, styling, and packing all in one place," Casey tells us. "So we started tooling around with some financial apps and combined that experience with some music apps and finally, Finery was born."

As easy as Casey makes it sound, launching an app with as many functions as Finery has is no simple walk in the park. It takes a certain amount of fearlessness, seeing as neither of them had much experience in the tech world prior to the launch. With any successful business endeavor, the two have struck a harmonious balance. For all of Casey's ambition ("I want to be president of our country— seriously," she tells us), Brooklyn arrives with a heavy dose of the brand's creative vision. It's a yin-yang with them.


On their Vision for Finery

With Finery, their goal is to refine the app's technology so that everyone who uses it can feel empowered to take back control over his or her wardrobe and be able to manage everything in one place. "We want the entire life cycle of every piece of clothing or accessory you own to live on our platform—whether you like it, buy it, want it, sell it, lend it, or share it with friends," Casey shares. "We're continually refining our technology, building a community, and supporting other women in their endeavors."

They never think of the app as a finished product, always tinkering with and making updates to it. Right now, Decker shared that they're testing a brand-new feature that styles items in your wardrobe for you. "We’ve done this manually, or à la Pinterest using image recognition," she says, "but this is a tech-forward approach, and it's getting excellent feedback. How awesome to pick a shirt and then have an app style it for you (with your stuff) in seconds?"


(Image credit: On Whitney Casey: Who What Wear Floral Print Long Sleeve Exaggerated Tie Neck Blouse and Birdcage Skirt, Gucci belt, Prada shoes, and Gabriela Hearst bag; On Brooklyn Decker: Who What Wear Striped Long Sleeve Cozy Crew Neck Sweater and Plaid A-line Mini Skirt and Louis Vuitton shoes)

On Building the Perfect Work Wardrobe

Obviously, for the duo, the key to building a perfect wardrobe lies in the app. When prepping for that new job or simply shopping for new work clothes, Decker advises using Finery to plan your outfit ahead of time. "With our app you won’t buy things you already own," she says. As for her go-to work outfit for when she's run out of ideas? "If all else fails, a T-shirt and a blazer will serve you well—in the office and out."

It really comes down to these hero pieces when building an ideal work wardrobe. For Decker, it's a good midi skirt (she likes a pencil variation), while for Casey, the number one item to invest in is a solid-colored work dress that suits your body type.


(Image credit: On Brooklyn Decker: Who What Wear Long Sleeve Button Detail Cardigan, H&M top, Wolford socks, Manolo Blahnik heels, and Mansur Gavriel bag; On Whitney Casey: Who What Wear Utility Jumpsuit, Wolford bodysuit, Gucci belt, Prada boots, and Gabriela Hearst bag)

On Dress Codes

First and foremost, the idea of a dress code is far from universal. When asked what they'd wear if they had to interview for a new job today, Casey insists that it's very sector-specific. "You have to look the part," she says. "We help you on Finery—ask any one of our virtual stylists and they will get you the outfit that lands you that job for sure." Beyond that, there are general rules she still does abide by, like making sure to work at least two weeks at your new job before really letting your personal style shine through. "You want people to like your work not your fashion first," she advises.

Above all else, Casey tells us, "Clothing that fits your body type always commands respect. I don't care if it's on trend, if it isn't for your body type, it should be passed on." We wholeheartedly agree.


On Letting Your Personal Style Shine Through at the Office

The two-week rule aside, both women ultimately know just how important it is to stay true to your own style, despite what kind of dress code you may have to follow. We let each of them style pieces from our Who What Wear collection however they like, and there's no doubt as to whether Whitney or Brooklyn is lacking in creative personal style.

Take Decker, for example. We certainly wouldn't have ever thought to wear our Long Sleeve Button Detail Cardigan tied up as a skirt instead.

Whether based on their personal style, words of wisdom, or fearless business launch, Whitney Casey and Brooklyn Decker are nothing if not innovative.


(Image credit: On Brooklyn Decker: Who What Wear Long Sleeve Button Detail Cardigan, H&M top, Wolford socks, Manolo Blahnik heels, and Mansur Gavriel bag; On Whitney Casey: Who What Wear Utility Jumpsuit, Wolford bodysuit, Gucci belt, Prada boots, and Gabriela Hearst bag)

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We're nothing if not inspired by the fearless duo.

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