19 Unique Shirts to Get You Out of That Wardrobe Rut 


Acielle/Style du Monde

Are you sick of wearing the same top and jeans every weekend (and pairing the same blouses with skirts and trousers every other day at work)? We feel you. And while we bet you’re not willing to trade in your trusty jeans or your go-to work skirt in the name if switching it up, we’d venture to guess that your selection of tops is a bit less near and dear to your heart—right? We had a feeling; tops are the most susceptible to the ever-changing trend cycle, so they’re the first thing in your wardrobe to feel “old.” In the name of getting out of the wardrobe rut we all fall in from time to time, today we’re bringing you 19 unique of-the-moment shirts at every price point you’ll want to add to your closet now.

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Available in sizes 2 to 14.

Available in sizes 4 to 14.

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