23 Designer Pieces That Are Best to Buy Second-Hand

As anyone who is a keen vintage shopper will tell you, going into a second-hand store can feel like entering an Aladdin's cave. You never know what treasures are going to be lurking in a discount box or the invaluable gems awaiting you on the next rail. It's all about the thrill of the chase. Sadly, with shops closing their doors, this pastime is not on the cards right now, but this is where online shopping comes in. 


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With a whole world of vintage fashion available to us at a click of a button, there's no excuse not to try shopping second-hand right now. Whether you're on a budget or looking for something special, there's a platform for you. When it comes to those high-value items, I would recommend heading to Vestiaire Collective, as it offers a rigorous vetting and authentication process so you can rest easy knowing you're not buying a fake. 

No, they're not the sort of pieces that one buys on a regular basis, but in the fashion hall of fame, they certainly deserve pride of place. I'm thinking Chanel tweed jackets, Hèrmes bags, Bottega clutches, Burberry trenches and Saint Lauren tuxedos. Even if the below buys far exceed your budget (same), sometimes, it can just be nice to do a bit of window shopping and take a walk down memory lane to remind yourself of the stunning creations designers have offered the world over the years. So without further ado, I present to you the 23 "wow" vintage pieces you can find online right now.

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