This Unique Engagement Ring Is Up 70% in 2018

We’re a little over halfway through the year, which means we’ve seen a number of cool and unexpected trends rise up the ranks (hello, cowboy boots and seashells!). And in the middle of wedding season, we’ve noticed one major trend from the past months: 2018 is the year of unique engagement ring settings.

In fact, more couples are opting for nontraditional rings than ever before, according to Jenny Chung Seeger, founder of San Francisco jewelry boutique No. 3 and customizable engagement ring platform Waant.

“70% of our engagement rings sold on Waant are made with alternative stones,” says Seeger. Along with unique stones, the jeweler mentioned the rise of mixed metal rings, clusters, and interlocking (also known as double-band rings) among other unique styles for nontraditional brides.

Whether you’re planning on dropping a few hints to your S.O. soon or are just browsing for the fun of it, see the most popular unique ring styles brides are choosing this year.

We’ll be saving these to our Pinterest boards for when the big question comes.