What You Should Buy for the First Month of Autumn

Welcome to autumn! The new season has arrived (and if you live in Sydney so has the rain), and I'm feeling nothing but anticipation. Summer is where my heart is, but my fashion brain loves the excitement that comes with planning a new season wardrobe and experimenting with new trends.

For March, I'm stepping outside the box a little with my shopping. I'm not heading to store for basics (been there, done that), but rather I looking for those under-the-radar pieces I wouldn't normally buy (like black mesh socks). The goal is to give myself one month of the year to diversify my wardrobe, and hopefully, I'll wear these pieces again and again.

Keep scrolling to shop the buys I'm adding to my wardrobe this month.

Under $100

This white lace fishnet top will come in so handy as a layering tool. Under sweaters, slip dresses, or T-shirts.

ICYMI: Vinyl pants will be huge for autumn. I'm going to keep the rest of my look pretty low-key with a plain tee and slingback heels.

The fashion crowd is obsessed with layering fishnet tights under everything, but I'm going to opt for this more low-key version instead.

Under $500

This will become one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. Think of gingham as your new neutral.

I never thought the day would come, where I'd be craving coloured lense sunglasses. But alas, the day is here. And it's all thanks to the Olsen twins.

Sorry black boots, I'm putting you at the back of the cupboard for autumn.

Under $1000

At first glance, not the easiest piece to wear, but I'll be layering it over slip dresses, or jeans and a turtleneck.

For those days where I don't feel like wearing pants, I'll be wearing this leather skirt to keep me warm.

This will be the It-bag of the season. You heard it here first.

Opening images: Collage Vintage

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