I Almost Don't Want to Share These Under-the-Radar Cool-Girl Brands

I don't really consider myself to be a stingy person but when it comes to discovering under-the-radar fashion brands I can be, well, a tad conservative with what I share. It's not because I don't want my friends to shop from interesting labels; it's more of an emotional response I get when I've found a designer that feels truly fresh, something that's hard to accomplish nowadays if you ask me. When I get that feeling that only comes from learning about a lesser-known indie brand, I want to hold on to it for a short while so I can feel like I was an early adopter of what surely is about to become a cult favorite. Once it's passed, then I begin to spread the news, which brings me to the subject of today's shopping roundup.

Ahead, I've culled a list of nine under-the-radar fashion brands that cool girls are shopping and wearing right now. There are a few newbies in the bunch that you may not have heard of and a smattering of options that have gained traction in recent seasons (talking to you, Nanushka). Continue ahead to discover these labels and shop your favorites for a fun and fresh fall wardrobe.

Gabriel for Sach

Hailing from Barcelona, this bag brand is about to blow up thanks to its exquisite fabrics, cool colorways, and unexpected silhouettes and hardware. 

Collina Strada

This underground New York City label is in every cool girl's closet right now. Snag a piece to add an element of whimsy to your wardrobe.


If you're always on the hunt for a new statement piece to adopt, look no further than Priscavera.


This Denmark-based bag label playfully blends edgy downtown elements with utilitarianism. Reach for its moto belt bag this fall to give your outfit a cool finish.


If you're in need of a juicy pop of color by way of '90s-inspired silhouettes then say hello to Rezek, your new go-to.


This New York-based brand is not only fun to wear but also happens to be sustainable. The brand uses upcycled materials, so its barrettes and earrings are a worthy addition to your jewelry box.

Sophie Monet

Skip the dainty gold jewelry this fall and try a wooden bauble from Sophie Monet.

Stine Goya

For consistently-cool outfits, don't forget Stine Goya. This It-girl label offers a steady supply and bright color and print palettes cut into wearable silhouettes.


This label continues to gain traction amongst the fashion crowd; grab a pair of silky pants or a vegan leather dress for the season ahead.

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