26 Under-$50 Pieces I'm Buying to Revamp My Entire Wardrobe

Here at Who What Wear, we have a healthy appreciation for all things high street. Our collective love for Zara has been well documented (see also: The Devils Wear Zara), we clearly do a lot of shopping at Mango, and we can’t get enough of trawling H&M’s trend section for designer-looking finds at budget-level prices. It’s the easiest way to test out new trends and find things that really feel like, well, us. (That leopard-print coat? Definitely. Those metallic cowboy boots? Maybe not so much for this editor.)

In a bid to spruce up our new-season wardrobes and inject a little much-needed fun into the proceedings (in other words, we’re thinking beyond boring old basics), we turned to some of our favorite e-tailers in search of under-$50 pieces that’ll add a punch of personality to just about any look. We’re talking statement bags for a steal, seriously good vintage-looking denim, colorful socks from our favorite Scandi designer, and okay, even a basic sweatshirt or two for you minimalists out there.

Another day, another affordable jumpsuit I’m adding to my cart.

Silk for a steal—that’s what I’m talking about.

How’s this for a statement-making shopper?

Exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you very much.

Finding good vintage-looking jeans under $50 can be a real slog, but here’s proof that it’s possible.

Taking belt bags back to their less fussy roots.

Transitional weather calls for lighter layers—and topstitching. Plenty of topstitching.

Because I tend to buy a new pair of sunglasses every season.

The stylish way to feed those 4 p.m. bursts of hangry.

…And how much do I need the matching top?

Definitely not tired of tortoiseshell yet. (See also: our earring picks and our favorite tortoiseshell sunglasses.)

More striped goodness to rotate on in.

Yes, this does look a lot like a certain more expensive blouse we’ve seen all over Instagram…

Hitting the gym just got more fun. (Yes, the divisive trend is back and better than ever.)

Is there a better time to stock up on basics?

(Okay, technically I snagged this for under $50 using H&M’s current 25%-off newsletter sign-up discount. Sneaky!)

The easiest way to bring that summer spirit into fall.

Yes, I’ve often said I don’t do sneakers. (All lies.)

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