Millennial Pink Is Taking Over the Internet

This week, The Cut wrote a piece about the progression of 'Millennial Pink' and news outlets around the world jumped on the story and reignited a conversation around the trend. When you search the term on Google, it brings up 9,510,000 results—everyone from The Guardian, to Jezebel is talking about it.

In the past, we've referred to the colour trend as Tumblr Pink, which we picked up from Fashionista in August 2016, but it's all the same phenomenon—the world (millennials in particular) is crazy over pink.

As The Cut most recently described the colour trend, "gone is the girly-girl baggage [associated with pink]; now it’s androgynous".

If all the coverage of the trend this week is an indication to go by, millennial pink is a trend that won't die any time soon. Keep scrolling to shop some of the coolest pink pieces from Australian brands.

Opening image: Imaxtree

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Amanda Bardas