We Gave Our Editors $100 at Zara—Here Are Their Picks

Under $100 Picks at Zara



Poof! Imagine $100 at Zara drops into your lap. What would you buy? This is the question I posed to my fellow editors, and with our imaginary money, we all found different yet equally thrilling gems. Managing editor Michelle Scanga is leaning hard into the leopard pieces, which makes great sense given that they're selling out fast. Senior news editor Erin Fitzpatrick took her fellow editor's piece on the '80s jewelry trend to heart and snagged a pair of colorful baubles. As for myself, I blew my entire budget on one standout piece: a rich chocolate brown slip that is styled to perfection with stirrup leggings (again with the '80s) and minimalist sandals. After one of our editors wrote about the lingerie-style pieces hiding on the site, I knew I needed to get one for myself. Scroll on to see and shop all of our picks, knowing you can shop any editor's wish list without spending over a Benjamin

Gina Marinelli, Senior Editor, Who What Wear

"These shoes caught my eye right away with the unique heel shape and texture as well as the very '00s square toe. I'm happy to spend the vast majority of my Benjamin Franklin on this and save the remaining $10 for taking these beauties out one night."

Michelle Scanga, Managing Editor, Who What Wear

"I'm really into this leopard-on-leopard look, so I plan to blow my entire $100 replicating the chic outfit. The cropped flare fit is right up my alley."

"Told you I'm really going for it and re'creating this leopard-on-leopard look. I think what makes the looks especially cool is the different size in animal print."

"This cream knit puts me slightly over the $100 budget, but I think it's worth it and completes the look."

Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor, Who What Wear

"I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can try the corduroy trend, and this oversize version is my ideal budget buy."

Nicole Akhtarzad, Market Editor, Who What Wear

"First, I think I need this faux-leather dress. It looks so expensive and is the perfect canvas for fall layering and adding accessories."

"Next, I'll take this turtleneck to style under the dress. I purposely went with this nice navy-ish gray color because I think it'll contrast the black nicely."

"Lastly, with my remaining $20, I'd snag this scarf because I love the print and colors, and it's the kind of thing that will always somehow come in handy."

Allyson Payer, Editor, Who What Wear

"If this feels as cozy as it looks, I'm sold."

"I'm coveting this to wear with sweaters and heels, just like the model."

Kristen Nichols, Associate Editor, Who What Wear

"I just ordered this faux-fur jacket and will be styling it just like the model here—a nod to the '90s with jeans, gold jewelry, and a chain-link belt."

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief, Who What Wear
Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor, Who What Wear

"Chain-link jewelry is having a bit of a moment, and this affordable version just nails it. I'll be wearing it over ribbed knits and layered with longer pendants."

"Zebra feels especially fresh to me right now, and with hints of neon in the print, you really can't find any garment that's more fall 2018 than this."

Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor, Who What Wear

"I love the look of a pair of statement jeans and an oversize sweatshirt. It reads cool, trendy, but not too try-hard."

"I also am obsessed with anything leopard print. Besides the fact that this is one of fall's biggest trends, I find that the leopard pieces I have in my closet are the items I've had the longest. Apparently the trend never really goes out of style."

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