The Unexpected "Lingerie" Item That's Selling Out on Zara

Zara, ever heard of it? Just kidding, we know you’re well aware and superfans of the fast-fashion brand just like our very own editor Lauren Eggertsen, the co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara Instagram account. Thanks to Lauren and her insider intel, we've learned and shared information like how to save money when shopping the brand (over 123 Zara employees spilled tips here) and how to properly pronounce the Spain-based powerhouse.

Today, we’re shifting gears slightly and hitting you with a Zara fun fact we bet you didn’t know. I was browsing the site’s new-arrivals section, and the below black dress caught my attention. First, because I’m on the hunt for a new LBD and secondly because of the product’s style name. The brand calls it a “lingerie-style” satin dress that’s now sold out in sizes extra-small and large. Most would classify the silhouette as a slip dress, but we’re intrigued by the use of the “lingerie” term here. Since I was curious, I typed lingerie into the search bar on the site and found a plethora of items they consider “lingerie-style.” See the dress that first caught my eye below plus the rest of the “lingerie” pieces you can buy on Zara.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Available in sizes S to XL.

Up next, shop the fall trends our in-house Zara expert is buying from the fast-fashion store. 

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