Zara Just Brought Back This Jewelry Trend in a Major Way

'80s earring trend at Zara



Zara is the queen (let's refer to the retailer as a person for the time being) of catching wind of the latest trends and stocking them before your little hearts even have time to fall in love. Yeah, it's called fast fashion. Ever heard of it? This season, one of the major trends is the resurgence of the '80s. While Zara is on board with the ready-to-wear aspect of this trend, it is obsessed with the return of '80s-inspired statement earrings

One quick scroll through the jewelry section of the site will have you wishing your mom kept all of her gems—yes, even the pieces you once made fun of. When it comes to '80s earrings, the 2018 version is honestly no different than the 1980 version, with Zara's coming in retro shapes, multiple colors, and enamel accents. Back then, they used to have to wear loud earrings because their hair was so big. Now we just wear them to be different and forward. Tomato, tomato. 

Below, shop the '80s earrings selection currently all over Zara and snatch yourself up a pair before the good ones sell out.