I'm a Beauty Director—How I Saved $81 on 15 Staples During Ulta's Spring Sale

I won't beat around the bush—Ulta's Spring Haul Event has landed, and the deals are pretty epic—like, being able to stockpile and save up to 40% on your favorite hair, skincare, makeup, and body essentials kind of epic. Generally, I have the type of luck where any time I need to stock up on one of my favorite beauty staples, there isn't a sale running, and whenever there is a sale, I don't need to restock. Well, finally, the universe has aligned. Right when I needed to replenish a handful of my daily non-negotiables, they're significantly more affordable on Ulta's website

Ulta's Spring Haul Sale Event runs through April 15, meaning you have a limited time to get the most potential savings. I recommend browsing the site and seeing which products from your lineup (or wish list) are currently up for grabs. I'm also sharing my personal shopping list below if you'd like some guidance. Keep scrolling for 15 beauty products I love and highly recommend snagging. 

I apply this vitamin C-spiked eye cream every morning like clockwork alongside my SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF serum. It's more of a gel than a cream, and I like how lightweight it feels on my eye area. Additions like niacinamide and caffeine also help with puffiness and noticeably reduce the look of my gnarly dark circles. 

I have these de-bloating capsules from Lauren "Lo" Bosworth's brand Love Wellness on me at all times. (Especially if I'm going out to eat!) There are a lot of supplements that promise bloat relief, but these are the only ones that have ever worked for me, and other beauty editors I've talked to have told me the same. 

Every summer, people are always shocked by my smooth, hairless bikini line because—wait for it—I don't wax, sugar, or get any other fancy-schmancy hair-removal treatment. That said, I did get the area lasered a few years ago. And I definitely still get regular hair growth, even if it's sparser than it would normally be. I truly regret the years I went without a separate cream for my sensitive areas. How much ingrown hair and super-uncomfy irritation could I have avoided if I had found Fur's soothing and smoothing Stubble Cream earlier? I apply it the second I get out of the shower or bathtub and am freshly shaven. It's like a magic potion for preventing sensitivity, bumps, and other ills. It's my secret for flawlessly smooth, soft, and even-looking skin down there.

This aftershave oil smells so effing divine. I prefer my legs and down-there area to be smooth, soft, and completely hairless. And applying this cooling, fast-absorbing serum over every inch takes that aesthetic to levels I never thought possible. It doesn't leave behind an ounce of oily or greasy residue. It also keeps your skin moisturized and free from ingrown hairs and shave-induced inflammation. I pair it with the lotion above from Fur, and the results are unmatched. 

Almost a year ago. I did the riskiest thing imaginable: I tried a self-tanner I had never used before ahead of a first date. I had wanted to quickly add a glow and a nice dose of color to my skin, so when I found this unopened express formula from Bali in my self-tanning cabinet (yes, I have a self-tanning cabinet), I decided to take it for a spin in a true Jesus-take-the-wheel moment.

I had heard from my fellow beauty editor Caitie Schlisserman that it was amazing, and let me say she wasn't lying! This is hands down one of the best self-tanners I have ever tried—and I have tried hundreds. (That's not an exaggeration, I've been regularly self-tanning since middle school.)

It applies like a dream—definitely use a mitt—and has a nice color guide. You can leave it on for one to three hours, depending on how deep of a tan you want. Also, thanks to the aerated texture of the foam, it's touch-dry instantly! No stickiness, no transfer. I left it on for three hours and was left with an even, natural-looking tan that continued to develop hours after I'd rinsed it off. If you apply a second coat a few days later, the results will last a week, and the fade is so even and unnoticeable. It ticks every box.

I love this oil. Not only is it one of the few oils out there that is non-comedogenic and doesn't clog my pores or make me break out, but it's also legendary among editors for having major reparative benefits that improve and fade the look of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. 

This milky ceramide-rich serum makes my skin look and feel happyIt improves the health of your skin barrier while also delivering a dose of hydration and the most delicious glow. It is one of my favorite serums of all time, and I've gotten all my friends into it!

I'm so freaking obsessed with Byoma, and anyone who wants highly efficacious formulas at a totally affordable price point will be too. (Plus, it doesn't hurt that the packing is so damn cute.) Byoma prioritizes practically every single thing I look for in transformative skincare products: clean, non-comedogenic, dermatologist-approved ingredients specifically designed to improve and repair the skin barrier while simultaneously hydrating, balancing, and brightening. Its proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex is touted as the line's MVP, and once you try this hydrating serum, you'll scoff at any other formula with a higher price tag. This guy deems them unnecessary!

I'm pretty prone to breakouts, and surprisingly, so many cleansers clog my pores thanks to sneaky, comedogenic additives. I love that I can find this staple at Ulta or the drugstore. Strategic congestion-busting ingredients like salicylic acid heal and prevent breakouts, but the cleanser itself is still moisturizing and gentle enough not to send my skin into a complete tizzy.

I love a double cleanse. My double-cleanse routine consists of micellar water as step one and my normal cleanser as step two. I love this affordable find from Garnier that easily removes makeup, cleanses, and calms with just one swipe. 

It's hard to find a solid daytime moisturizer when you run oily and acne prone. This one is just so good and easy. It staves off unwanted greasiness, doesn't clog pores, and gives you long-lasting, dewy hydration. I'd easily use it every day for the rest of my life. 


I love ColourPop's Super Shock Shadows so much that I have the urge to buy every single shade while they are buy one, get one half off. If I could only recommend one shade, however, it would be Ritz. To me, there's nothing prettier than a light-catching eye shadow.

There's a reason this mascara became a TikTok sensation. Whenever I wear it, random people will literally stop me on the street to ask me what I have on my lashes. I'm incredibly particular when it comes to mascara, and ever since my first swipe (probably back in junior high), there are only a few formulas that have truly ticked every box for me. This one delivers and is a drugstore favorite. In my opinion, the ultimate mascara needs to curl and lift (not an easy feat when you have naturally long and straight lashes as I do), lengthen, and thicken without getting clumpy and goopy. Check, check, and double-check!

If you're looking to not spend more than $5 on your lip liner, this smooth, pigment-packed one from NYX is it. I'm constantly adding more shades to my collection. This pretty pop of coral—called Life's a Beach—is next on my hit list.

I love a brown liner, and this liquid formula from Revlon is one I've been reaching for a lot lately. I just hit empty, so it's the perfect time to re-stock!