It Girls Agree—This Is How to Wear Ear Climbers

Coordinating your ear game with an ear climber—also called ear crawlers—can be a challenge. Ear climbers can range from large and eye-grabbing to delicate and dainty. Layering ear climbers with multiple pieces depends on the type of climber, but regardless of your style, the climber should take center stage when it comes to your ear stack. For a little inspiration, we decided to turn to the girls whose style we admire, and as it turns out, ear climbers are a lot more versatile than you might think. Keep reading for six ways to wear ear climbers like an It girl.



Zendaya chose big and bold for her climber. The glitzy piece is the only piece she wears, keeping the rest of her jewellery throughout her look nearly bare, save for an elegant coordinating ring. Take a cue from Zendaya's look by choosing one attention-grabbing piece. Avoid overaccessorizing by keeping the rest of your jewellery at a minimum.

Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid's look takes a significant departure from Zendaya's choice in ear climbers. Here, Hadid opts for a single gold climber that curves up only on the lobe and doesn't contain any stones. Balancing out the symmetry of the look is a single stud at her upper cartilage. This method of styling is a chic, minimal way to wear ear climbers.

Emma Watson


(Image credit: Lars Niki/Getty Images)

Sometimes a hint of shine is enough for an ear climber stun on its own. Emma Watson's sleek piece doesn't contain the stone clusters of Zendaya's, but it is bolder than Hadid's, striking just the right balance between glitzy and minimal. Watson's jewellery is kept to a minimum, letting the ear climber keep focus as the attention-grabbing piece to complete her look.

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence's choice in earring combines a climber with a cuff. The cuffed look of the climber matches the two hoop pieces she wears spaced above at the top of the ear. Take a note from Lawrence's style by allowing plenty of room between multiple pieces of jewellery to avoid overcrowding.

Emma Stone


Emma Stone's climber adds just enough edge to her sleek look. The single climber takes up the entirety of her earlobe, giving the illusion of multiple lobe piercings. This creates a layered look that makes a statement on its own.

Gigi Hadid


No other jewellery is needed when it comes to a piece as front and centre as this ear climber worn by Gigi Hadid. The climber takes the entirety of her ear, and like Stone's, it creates the illusion of multiple piercings. Hadid leaves the rest of her jewellery bare. Instead of choosing the typical necklace or ring, the next time a big event presents itself, choose an ear climber like the kind favoured by Hadid.

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