My Easy French Hair Tutorial Went Pinterest-Viral—Here's How to Do It


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Bar the one time when I cut my hair into a bob to donate to the Little Princess Trust, I’ve always had long hair. And by long I mean it normally sits around my waist. Any person who has long hair will tell you that as nice as it is to have your locks loosely flowing around your shoulders, there comes a time when you’re desperate to have it out your way. Of course, there are plenty of options—buns, braids and more. But as I hunted for an elegant way to refine a sleek up-do, I found the hair accessory that French people swear by. Enter the French hair pin. 


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When I first saw the hair pin, I was immediately drawn to the minimalism of it, as it added to the overall elegant feel I was going for. Whether you’re drawing your hair back for work or trying to achieve a chic look for an evening out, don’t overlook the power of this little clip. And though I sit in the long-hair club, this nifty little accessory can be used on mid-length or short hair to create easy up-dos in literal seconds. The U-shaped pin can seem intimidating at first glance, (trust me, I was nervous, too) but I’ve figured it out and broken it down so we can all obtain that chic French up-do. And it's as simple as twist, pin, secure. 


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Keep scrolling for the easy three-step tutorial, and shop everything you need to perfect the French hair pin look. 



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The first step is to pull all your hair into one and begin to twist it into a bun. I twist the hair as I wrap it into the bun form just to ensure it's secure. 



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Now, this is the part that requires a bit of practice. Take you hair pin and invert so the prongs are facing upwards. (If your pin is curved, hold with pin curving upwards). Now, insert the pin into the top section of the bun, and when it touches your scalp, turn it vertically. Your hair should then be pinned.



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Finally, push the pin in and down through the bun. Tip for beginners: Angle the pin when pushing down for best results and maximum hold. And you're done! 



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