8 Simple Winter Styling Tricks That I'm Certain Will Leave You Inspired

Getting dressed in winter can very quickly become tiring thanks to a lack of variety of outerwear (most of us reach for the same coat every single day) and the need for hundreds of layers. Before the weather becomes really Baltic, we've found some winter styling tricks to make getting dressed a little more fun.

From clever layering ideas that won't make you feel like Joey Tribiani from Friends (remember that the episode where he puts on all of his clothes at once?) to the best way to cover your legs if you hate wearing tights, these winter styling tricks are bound to leave you feeling inspired for the winter wardrobe switchover. Keep scrolling to see and shop our guide for dressing in winter.

1. Thermal Rollnecks Can Go Under Almost Anything


Base layers aren't just for the ski slopes. At New York Fashion Week in February, street style stars will most likely wear Uniqlo's Heattech under every outfit. A roll-neck can be layered under shirts, dresses or crew necks.

2. Tonal Knitwear Looks More Put Together


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You can re-create this scarf-meets-jumper trick yourself by matching your scarves to your knitwear. Sticking to one colour makes your layers look more streamlined and less bulky.

3. Leather Shirts Add an Extra Layer of Warmth


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Leather shirts are a new microtrend, and they look amazing layered over a roll-neck and under your blazers or coats. Nanushka's vegan leather shirt is on the top of our wish list.

4. Wear Knee-Length Boots With Midi Skirts 


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If you're not a tights person, you can get away without showing any skin by pairing knee-length boots with a midi skirt. This is one of our favourite winter outfits.

5. Choose a Coat Big Enough to Be Worn Over Other Jackets


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When looking for a new winter coat, you should think about how warm it is and how many layers you can squeeze in underneath.

6. Pile on Fluffy Textures


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This winter, we want to feel like we are wrapped in our duvets 24/7, so fluffy, cosy textures are the next best thing.

7. Don't Just Wear Greys and Blacks


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Just because the weather is drab doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be too. It can be all too easy to wear blacks and greys from now until March, but colourful knitwear can make your winter wardrobe seem much more exciting.

8. Quilted Coats Are A Smarter Alternative to Puffer Jackets


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If you want a really warm coat, but nothing too bulky, opt for a coat with a small quilted pattern.

9. Loop A Belt Over Your Coat


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Looping a belt over your winter coat not only pulls together your look and make it more streamlined, but also adds warmth too as makes your layers more snug and insulating. 

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Emma Spedding